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Small Business : How to Celebrate Plan You Big Indian Wedding in Your Budget?

If you have a large extended family, chances are there to dig your neck into big fat wedding. And in case you don’t, you have probably been invited into attending the nuptials of your colleagues, neighbors, business associates and friends. We all know what that involves, right? An expensive parties, much drinking and dancing to share your happiness and what’s not. Yes, it is not easy to survive in Indian wedding season with either your bank account or your digestive system. Fret not, I am here to tell you that how it can be done, with some handy tips and get things in affordable cost by using Flipkart coupons.

Choose your outings with care – just because you are going to be married, it does not mean you have to throw many functions to flaunt your happiness. Choose a couple of events to celebrate your happiness with friends or relatives.

Reception dresses under your budget – instead of buying luxurious gowns or pretty dresses, why don’t you try designer rented collection. You can take your picture perfectly and mark your presence adorably. Stand up on the stage confidently. Wear comfortable shoes and can also opt for platform heels over stilettos. Don’t forget to check out the collection through online. Shop online by using Flipkart coupons & offers to add bling to your dress.

Outfits are main concerned but remember to wear comfortable heels – heels are mainly work to boost your stilettos and allow you to stand comfortably for your wedding. If the music kicks in, groove your body with your better half and burn up the dance floor.

Swap an outfit for your relative mehendi function – if this opportunity come, you can exchange an outfit with your cousin to rock your mehendi function. My cousin and her sister in law once managed to go through engagement and other functions with four pieces. You can swap the outfit, match the jewellery and heels, you are ready to raise the champagne by boogying late into the night. You can get the jewellery by online shopping and save your pocket to burn.

Stop stuffing your wedding menu compulsively – it is not necessary to keep excessive starters to attract relatives. Turns down some starters and save room for dinner instead. Alternatively, you can opt for mock tales instead of alcohol.

Don’t bankrupt yourself in the process of finding new outfit – why don’t you try to recycle some last wedding wardrobes by adding eccentric dupatta or kurta. You can also play with jewellery to add zing to your outfit. Trust me, no one else remembers, what you wore on sweety’s mehendi and wedding. Did you remember what your cousin wore on your sister wedding? No, I don’t think so!! One good thing is that buy jewellery by using flipkart coupons. You can get the best deals and offers on flipkart at Couponhaat.

Guys!! Eat, drink, do and make marry. You can always diet on another day! Don’t pile on buffet spread at Indian wedding take Thai to Chinese to Indian food and desserts are best described as a heart attack on a plate. Happy wedding season!!

Small Business

How to Choose the Right Accounting Software

When you have good business, you want it to run properly without any problems and for that maintenance of the accounts is very important. Your business’s significant financial data must be recorded properly in an orderly manner so as to refer in future. Accounting software plays an important role in maintaining your business data in proper way and also handles all the necessary calculations without any errors. It is very important that you choose the right accounting software for your business.

How to Choose the Right Software?

There is wide range of accounting software available in the market. You choose one according to the scale and size of your business. You need to know your accounting needs first by making a proper analysis.

  • One of the most common mistakes that most of the people make is to blindly trust the accounting software. You need to understand the mechanism of your business before you allow the software to do the accounting job.
  • You must first have a talk with your accountant or the staff members before you buy software. They know what kind of software you will require. They know what kind of databases your software will use and what the available disk space is in your system.
  • You must know the budget limitations of your company. There is no need to go for expensive software if there is no need for one. If you are up for vertical software that is the industry-specific accounting software, the cost generally increases. There are also annual maintenance fees for many accounting software.
  • Know more about the software through your other colleagues or business partners. There are also many consultants, who will help you with the best option in the accounting software. They have many clients in the industry and they know just the right software for your business.
  • Before doing anything, you first need to prepare a list of things that you want from your accounting software. Hence, you can choose the software that best fits your needs. In this way, you can eliminate the software that you don’t need. Even many software comes on trial basis. You can have a trial for few days and check whether it is beneficial for you.

Features in Your Accounting Software

  • The basic features that good accounting software must have are the basic accounting tasks. The basic accounting functions like finance report generation, vendor management, invoicing, expense tracking and client management.
  • Automatic billing and other automated processes must be there in your software.
  • Your software must be able to generate quotes and estimates for the clients.
  • Payroll processing is a plus. Software that enters time sheets, print checks and calculate pay for the employees.
  • Your software must be accessible from your tablet or mobile phone.

Accounting software is indeed very useful for your business. You must know just the right software for your business. For amazing accounting software for checkout bookkeeping Gold Coast, they offer a wide range at affordable price.

Small Business

A Guide to Outsourcing Your IT Department

Many small businesses make the decision of outsourcing their IT department. The IT department is generally responsible for solving all computer and mobile-related complaints. In companies where Blackberry devices are still prevalent, the IT department is also responsible for integrating the Enterprise Server and securing the company’s network. Owing to the fact that technology plays such an integral role in the modern business world, many companies often invest large sums of money in setting up their IT divisions.

However, in small businesses where capital is scarce, setting up an IT department might not be such a wise idea. Instead, if you want top level business IT support without having to spend so much money, a great option would be to outsource your IT services to another firm. Outsourcing has plenty of benefits, since it allows you to get maximum support for your customers and employees without having to set up a separate division. You don’t need to allocate valuable office space to a separate department, nor do you need to spend large sums of money hiring more employees and purchasing expensive equipment. Here is a brief guide to outsourcing your IT department:

Find a Reliable Company

The first step is to find a reliable company that offers business support services. Some companies generally offer dedicated network support, while others offer purely technical services. If your company has a dedicated network infrastructure, you will need extensive IT support. Managing routers, switches, and other equipment is not easy, and you will need to outsource your support division to a reputable firm that is known to be reliable.

Emergency situations such as network outages or security breaches call for rapid action. In case the company fails to take quick action, you might end up incurring significant losses. Therefore, before you hire any company, ask them about their existing clientele and the services that they offer. Many companies usually have their own websites with detailed information about customer satisfaction and testimonials. You can read what other clients have to say about the company before deciding whether to hire them or not.


One of the biggest reasons that many people outsource their IT departments is because they want to mitigate their expenditure. Setting up a separate IT division is obviously more expensive than outsourcing the services, and you need to make sure that you keep prices as low as possible. Before you sign up with a company, ask them about the different plans they offer.

Some companies offer ad-hoc management solutions, while others offer annual packages that are designed to cater to all of your business IT problems. Get quotes from several different companies before coming to a decision about which company to hire. Some outsourcing firms also offer cheaper rates if you sign up long term, so you should also factor this in your decision. Ask if the company offers a trial for a few days so that you can gauge their level of service before signing a contract.

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Event Management Company

We’re a small London event management team dedicated to our clients. We work with our clients to understand their ethos and the message they wish to communicate. We then provide an unexpected, creative and individual event solution. As one of the leading event management companies in London, we know our industry inside out and make it our mission to know all the greatest venues and how to work within them. We’re super creative and challenge ourselves to come up with the most unique, unusual and exciting event venues, designs and ideas. A tough brief is right up our street and the bigger the challenge the better. Because let’s face it – it’s just more exciting that way!

From managing a 45 minute event installation at one of London’s top museums to creating a high end dinner for 300 or turning a blank canvas venue into a winter themed wonderland – no problem; it’s what we do day in, day out. We like to surprise our clients. Surprise them with our passion for their business, our enthusiasm for their events and our excitement to work with them.

As a leading Events Agency, we have the capacity to plan and execute business and corporate events anywhere in the world. All of our administrative team have extensive global event planning experience within the exhibitions, conference and hospitality industries. They therefore have a clear and comprehensive understanding of what is required to organize a successful event. Our clients range from smaller businesses to blue chip companies, all of whom have been extremely satisfied by the service we have provided. As a testament to our staff and services, many of our clients have recommended us to their friends and colleagues resulting in a large portion of our business coming from referrals.

Our bespoke event planning and management service will assist you selecting an appropriate venue, creative planning and design, catering options, operational management, photography, video production and live entertainment. We can also provide a live content aggregation platform to enable you stream your event through your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages thus thoroughly engaging your online audience.

We are a highly creative organization that aims to deliver cutting edge, innovative events cross any and all of the disciplines in which we specialize, namely lighting, sound, scenery, AV or event management and logistics, as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable event production. We pride ourselves on our professional and dedicated approach to delivering events to the highest of standards by providing a wide variety of production services which take the pressure off event management companies and private clients. Simply put, we deliver creative, profitable and memorable events.

We are one of the best London event companies that has been managing events for over 19 years to a very wide range of clients from a variety of industry sectors, we still work in close partnership with our clients to deliver a service that will undoubtedly set a new standard for events management in London.

Here at Effective Event Solutions we take ample pride in our capability of understanding and comprehending you, your firm, and your objectives. These three key cornerstones of our business, combined with our personal approach to corporate events management, has made us a very popular business among many London event companies.

We have never forgotten that we are ultimately in the business of service, and we firmly believe that it’s this close attention to detail that’s the most important trait when creating a successful event. It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating your success, launching a new product or service, or simply want to splash out on a fancy party for your London clients and staff, our creative and energetic team will make your ideas come to life while at the same time giving you an event that you, and more importantly your guests, will not soon forget.

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How to Do an Office Fit-Out without Losing Your Mind

The process of office fit-outing is enough to send chills up the bodies of most company executives. In fact, many owners put it off for years, because they are so afraid of what might occur during the process. Yet, with the right help, it actually becomes an easy process that does not need to cause owners and executives to lie awake in cold sweats at night.

Hire the Right Office Fit-Out Contractor

There are many different office fit-out contractors available to help with the process. Therefore, it is important to choose a contractor you are comfortable working with on a regular basis. The contractor should meet with you and help you establish trust in their abilities. After the owner has narrowed the list, then ask to speak directly to the project manager who is likely to work at your site. Listening and checking references are essential to choosing the right company to do your office fit-out.

Create a Plan

The contractor should first assess your current situation to see what solutions are meeting your current needs. There will likely be things in your current situation that you want to keep when you move to a new location or recreate your current space. If everything was working, however, you would not be doing an office fit-out, so the designer should also find out what is not working in your current location. Often, the designer may visit with employees to see what their thoughts are for possible solutions to their current problems. Do not be surprised if you see the designer standing quietly in a corner just watching. He or she is probably pondering the possibilities that owners and employees do not even know are possible.

Then, they should present you with drawings and ideas of possible solutions. Understand that you know your business needs better than anyone else, so do not be afraid to share your ideas and tell the designer what you think of his or her design ideas. Usually for owners and executives, this is the most time-consuming part of an office fit-out. Thought should be given during the design phase to consider many different factors including areas that need to be quiet and areas that are generally noisy, group meeting spaces, areas for employees to relax, and storage needs.

According to office fit-out by Saracen experts who have been doing office fit-outs for more than thirty years, one of the major areas that owners sometimes do not focus on enough is the appearance of an area. If the area is designed for clients to wait in, the space should be welcoming. Many times, the quality of the waiting room determines what mood the client is going to be in before they ever meet an employee.

Furthermore, these experts stress that it is important that employee areas welcome workers to be productive throughout the day. One way to do this is to take advantage of natural lighting. Another key area is to make sure that all areas of the workspace have the right amount of heat and air.

After owners and the designer have agreed upon a plan, then the designer will propose a timetable. The timetable needs to be established early in the process so the project manager can work with sub-contractors. This schedule will guarantee you that they are there when needed and the project is not delayed for months. While the project manager can take care of many of the details, expect the manager to need some help dealing with some of your established providers, such as your telephone provider and your Internet provider.

The designer should also give you a budget of what needs to be spent to achieve the design. Hopefully, during the initial meetings, a preliminary discussion has already occurred, but before work begins, a detailed budget should be presented. Owners should be aware that sometimes it is necessary to invest more initially in order to reduce the costs in the future and over the long-term. There are many different factors that can affect the cost of an office outfit, including whether the office is being renovated or a new office is being built, price increases since the initial estimates were given, quality of the design elements, and where the project will take place.


After everyone is in agreement, then the build team arrives. During this stage, the business owner needs to consider how the work of the company will continue. Often, this can be the most frustrating part of the process for your employees. Therefore, it is essential to create activities to keep employees motivated to continue helping your customers.

The designer should have the project manager on the site daily. While designers love to hear your feedback during the building process, designers must also comply with stringent requirements from the government. If you have any questions during the process, you should contact the project manager. If he or she cannot answer the question, then contact the designer.


Once the project is completed, it is essential that the move is planned efficiently. Many office fit-out companies have specialised moving services that can help make this hassle-free. They can supply the crates and packing materials needed to move essentials across the office or to the new location. They can also pack and unpack the items ensuring that confidentiality is maintained. Furthermore, if some items must go into storage for a few days, most companies can arrange for this to occur.

Completing an office fit-out should not send shivers up the spines of busy executives, and it won’t when the right designer is chosen. While projects can take from three weeks to many months to complete, the process will go smoothly from beginning to end when you choose a professional designer that allows you to concentrate on running your business. The designer will assist you in seeing the possibilities that will greatly increase the productivity of your company when the process is completed.